what is belkin wemo switch

What does amber light mean on Belkin Wemo insight?

A Wi-Fi indicator on top glows green for 30 seconds when the switch is connected to your network, and stays green when the switch is powered on. A solid amber light means you have a poor connection to the network, and a blinking amber light means you have lost the connection altogether.

What do Wemo Light switches and mini plugs do?

Wemo light switches and mini plugsare a series of products from Belkin that offer an affordable way to smarten your home. You can control your light switches, any plugged in lights and small electronic devices plugged into an outlet easily with Wemo switch or Wemo Mini.

How to restart the Wemo WiFi light switch?

To restart the Wemo Light Switch, press the Restart button for 1 second and then release. The Wi-Fi Indicator light will begin to blink green to show it is restarting. Follow these directions to reset the light switch: Press the Restart button for 1 second and then release.

How much is the Wemo insight smart plug?

App is a bit erratic. As the latest addition to Belkin’s line of home automation products, the WeMo Insight Smart Plug ($49.99), is one smart power outlet.

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