what is bticino home automation

Which is the home automation system from Bticino?

MyHOME_Up: the BTicino home automation system evolved and open to third parties. MyHOME_Up is the home automation solution, based on BUS technology with 2-wire twisted pair, designed to meet the different needs of:

Which is the best smart home automation system?

MyHOME_Up is the new Smart home-automation solution which eliminates the concept of configuration and allows each installer to make the best home automation systems with a few simple start-up operations.

What can I do with a Control4 home automation system?

Depending on the size of your home and imagination, the sky is the limit from there. My system falls somewhere in the middle, with multi-zone audio, 4K distributed video, lighting control, a monitored security system with surveillance cameras, and HVAC control all in one unified system, allowing control of the entire home from pretty much anywhere.

Which is the best Bticino modular door system?

A unique and complete offer with all the modular systems: Italian and European standard. The renewed range of Classe 100 internal units, introduces Wi-Fi connectivity in the standard door entry system offer. Discover the new range of intelligent modular switches to be installed in the home electrical panel.

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