what is chandelier for living room

What kind of chandelier is best for living room?

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Where is the best place to install a chandelier?

Of course! Chandeliers are commonly found in foyers and formal entryways, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms or powder rooms. Again, choosing where to install a chandelier depends on the size of the room, ceiling height, size of the fixture, and the surrounding décor. They can go anywhere!

Can a chandelier be the primary light source in a room?

Chandeliers are decorative fixtures, meant to impart style and ambiance, so do not expect your chandelier to be a room’s primary light source. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make with a chandelier. Placing a single fixture in the center of a room and expecting it to entirely light that room is a recipe for bad lighting.

How tall should a dining room chandelier be?

Today’s average dining room chandelier is a four to six light, 26-30" diameter fixture. Take ceiling height and chandelier height into consideration before buying, too. The chandelier should hang about 30"- 36" from the top of your table to the bottom of the fixture itself.

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