what is chromecast built in

What does it mean to have Chromecast built in?

Similar to Apple’s AirPlay and Spotify Connect, what Google refers to as ‘Chromecast built-in’ (formerly, of course, Google Cast) is another technology that lets you easily control media with apps and, yes, voice in your smart home.

Which is the best Chromecast for Google TV?

Chromecast With Google TV Review 1 Design and Remote. The new Chromecast is built similarly to the previous models, with a slim, puck-like body on a short cable that ends in an HDMI plug. 2 Google TV. The Chromecast has completely lacked any form of on-screen interface until now. … 3 Android TV Features. … 4 Easily the Best Chromecast. …

How can I use Chromecast on my computer?

From a PC or Mac computer, audio content can be streamed using the Google Chrome web browser . For the Chromecast Audio device to work, it’s necessary to first install the free Google Home mobile app onto your smartphone or tablet, and then complete the one-time Set-Up procedure by following these steps:

Can you use Google Chrome with Google Cast?

As of 2016, Google Cast has been fully built into Chrome now and can be used without needing to install anything else. Cast-enabled websites will have the Cast icon visible on to your screen when your device and Chromecast (or any other Cast device) are connected to the same device.

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