what is cpu cache

What kind of cache does a CPU have?

There might also be a level two cache on the CPU core itself. And in this particular case, the processor might have a level three cache that’s shared across all of those separate cores. And of course, there could be more than four cores. There are certainly octa-cores and 16 core CPUs and much larger CPUs.

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Where is the level 2 cache located on a processor?

A level 2 cache (L2 cache) is a CPU cache memory that is located outside and separate from the microprocessor chip core, although, it is found on the same processor chip package.

Where is the cache located on a computer?

A small form of memory located directly on the chip itself. This is the CPU cache. It is much smaller, but can be accessed much faster than the main memory. The CPU cache stores the most frequently used pieces of information so they can be retrieved more quickly.

Intel(r) Data Direct IO A Primer v1.0

Intel DDIO makes the processor cache the primary destination and source of I/O data rather than the main memory. By avoiding multiple reads from and writes …

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