what is google assistant light bulbs

Are there any smart lights that work with Google Assistant?

Most of our best smart light picks work with Google Assistant, but here are some that are particularly well-suited to control by Google. The biggest, best and most expensive smart lighting line, Philips Hue ‘s smart bulbs work beautiful with Google Assistant, with or without a Hue Bridge.

Are there any smart bulbs that work with Google?

It’s brighter (and cheaper) than most smart bulbs, has several special features, and works with Google Assistant as well as other smart home devices. *At the time of publishing, the price was $30. With the Yeelight Smart LED Color Bulb, you can say “Hey, Google, turn the living room lights red,” and instantly get bathed in a crimson glow.

Can a C by GE light bulb connect to Google Home?

C by GE light bulbs can connect to Google Home, and work through Google Assistant, without a hub GE Step One: you’ll start by plugging in the Google Home Mini, or any Google Home device you have. The connection with C by GE lights works through Google Assistant, the smart assistant inside every Google smart home speaker.

Can a smart bulb be controlled by Kasa app?

A: No, after configured the smart bulb successfully, we can control the smart bulb with Kasa app directly. No extra device is required to control the smart bulb. Q4: Can Alexa "group" the bulbs together if the light fixture has multiple Smart Bulbs in it?

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