what is google led light bulbs

What are the color ranges of LED lightbulbs?

LEDs come in a range of light color temperatures. Every lightbulb has a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), which corresponds to a Kelvin (K) temperature scale. The lower the number of Kelvins, the warmer and more yellow the light is. The higher the Kelvins, the cooler and bluer the light.

What can you do with a yeelight smart bulb?

When the Yeelight smart bulb is integrated with Google Assistant, you can control the lights via voice commands. Google Assistant supports various control actions for smart bulbs including turning on/off, dimming or brightening the lights, and changing the light’s temperature and color.

What do you need to know about LEDs?

In this post, the main focus would be on learning a lot about LEDs, such as its operations and functions. A light releasing diode is an electric component that emits light when the electric current flows through it. It is a light source based on semiconductors.

What do you need to know about smart light bulbs?

Smart bulbs come with standard fittings: bayonet cap, large and small Edison screws and GU10 spotlight fittings. Smart lighting bulbs are LED, which draws much less power than traditional incandescent light bulbs. A typical smart bulb is 9.5W or 5.5W for spotlights and candle bulbs.

5W E14 Smart Bulb, DORESshop WiFi LED Bulb, Works...

  • Free your Hands: DORESshop WiFi LED bulb supports Alexa, Google assistants. You can control the changes of the smart bulb by simple voice instruction, freeing your hands.

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Smart Bulb, Alexa Light Bulbs B22, Colour Changing...

  • 【Sync to Music】Smart light bulb has 16 million colors, colour changing with the music rhythm, a brilliant gift of Halloween and Christmas.

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LE Smart Bulb, B22 Smart Light Bulb Bayonet, Works...

  • 【APP Remote Control Smart Bulb】- Control your bulbs with ease anywhere any time, through the "Lepro LampUX" or "Smart Life" free app on your smart phone or tablet.

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Philips Hue White LED Smart Light Bulb 3 Pack...

  • What's required? – nothing, this product works out of the box with the free ‘Philips hue bluetooth’ app. Simply screw in your GU10 perfect fit bulbs and connect to the bluetooth app...

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LE E27 Smart Bulb, WiFi Smart Light Bulb, Works...

  • 【APP Remote Control】- Control your smart bulbs with ease anywhere any time, through the "Lepro LampUX" or "Smart Life" free app on your smart phone or tablet.

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E14 Smart Light Bulb, Alexa Candle Bulb, 2...

  • 🌟 Music Sync: LUMIMAN smart E14 bulb can change colours with the beats of music, creating wonderful time for you in different kinds of parties.

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E14 Smart Light Bulb Small Edison Screw P45 WiFi...

  • 【Voice Control & Remote Control】FECONN E14 smart bulbs are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Echo, Siri shortcuts and Bixby. You can control the smart E14 bulb via voice commands to...

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Smart Bulb Alexa Light Bulbs B22 Bayonet, Colour...

  • 【WiFi Remote & Group Control】Wherever you are, simply control ALL your Avatar smart led light bulbs by "AvatarControls" App after connected 2.4Ghz WiFi, No hub required.

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GU10 Smart Bulb, Alexa Light Bulb, Colour Changing...

  • 🛒 Smart Control: You can remotely control smart GU10 bulbs with "PlusMinus" APP or voice ("Alexa, turn on the lights")

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Smart Candle Bulb, ENSHINE E14 LED WiFi Light...

  • Voice Control】Use Alexa or Google Assistant to control the Enshine smart bulb switch and adjust brightness and colours by your voice (compatible with all models of Echo and Google Home)

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