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What are the features of the Google Nest Hub?

Google’s new and improved smart display is the best bet for most smart homes. The big feature headlining the new Nest Hub is Sleep Sensing. It uses Google’s miniature radar technology called Soli to detect submillimeter movements of the person sleeping closest to the display.

What can I do with my Nest Hub Max?

You’ll probably interact with the Nest Hub Max mostly through Google Assistant. Say, "Hey Google," then ask a question or give a command. For instance, you can ask for the weather, sports scores, and general information like unit conversion and trivia.

What’s the difference between Google Home and nest?

Smart camera features and the addition of a Nest Cam function puts it over the top. Last year, Google took on Amazon’s Echo Show with a whole line of third-party Google Smart Displays. Then it revealed a rival of its very own, the Google Home Hub (since been renamed to "Nest Hub").

What’s the difference between Google Nest and Echo Show?

The screens are basically the same size, the Amazon Echo Show (2nd Gen) has a 10.1-inch touch screen, the Google Nest Hub Max has a 10-inch touch screen. The design of the Next Hub Max is the same as the smaller Nest Hub but, of course, bigger and is available in two colors, Chalk and Charcoal.

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