what is google nest wifi lights

What does the Google Nest WiFi point do?

The Router is a featureless dome that sits by your modem and pumps WiFi around your home. The Point, meanwhile, is a mesh repeater with a speaker and Google Assistant built-in, making it do the work of both a WiFi point and a Google/ Nest Home Mini.

Do you need Internet to use Google Nest?

Google’s Nest and Home devices are just one of the top options in the Australian market. If you’re not quite ready to dive into a smart home, then the Nest smart speakers make a great addition to any home. What’s a smart home ecosystem? Google Nest or Google Home? What is Google Assistant? Do I need a fast internet connection to use my Google Nest?

How big of an area does Google Nest cover?

Likewise, Google’s Nest Wifi three-pack can cover a wider area – as much as 5,400 square feet (502 sq meters). Google Nest Wifi appears to offer both more flexibility and wider coverage than Amazon’s latest Eero devices, furthered by the fact that you can buy Nest Wifi Points on their own and add those to your existing Google Wifi network.

Why is there a light on my nest WiFi?

Note: When Nest Wifi points are set up, lights will only appear when you’re interacting with the device. Nest Wifi point has no power. Check that the power cable is properly connected to your point and a working power outlet.

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