what is govee aura lamp

Can a govee aura be used as a table lamp?

You can also group the Aura with other Govee Wi-Fi smart lighting products. The Govee Aura can put out a surprising amount of light when used as an actual table lamp. You can control the color temperature and brightness, and use it to wake up with a gradual brightening effect. Doing a "lava light" impression in time to the music.

How does the govee smart table lamp work?

Create Helpful Schedules: Program the Aura table lamp to power on or off automatically and adjust its brightness, helping you fall asleep peacefully or wake up with warm color. Creative DIY Mode: Our intuitive DIY mode, via the Govee Home app, allows you to personalize light effects and save them for later.

How tall is the aura Smart Table Lamp?

In fact, I reviewed some of the company’s smart LED light strips in 2018. Out of the box, the Aura smart table lamp is nothing special. It’s a cylinder roughly 8-inches tall and 4-inches in diameter. The main body of the cylinder is white plastic. The base and top cap are light gray plastic.

Can a govee aura be connected to a WiFi network?

Using the Govee Home mobile app (you’ll need to set up a free account), the Aura can be connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Govee Smart Table Lamp, WiFi Bedside Lamp...

  • Voice Control: Govee Smart lamp works with Alexa & Google assistant. Govee smart lamp has a faster and more stable connection via WiFi and Bluetooth. Control colour, brightness and modes...

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  • Rechargeable Light: Unplug this portable lamp and bring it along with you for ambient light anywhere in your home. Battery provides hours of cable-free lighting.

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