what is homekit keypad

Which is the best way to control HomeKit?

The best HomeKit devices can all be controlled by talking to Siri. The best HomeKit devices can be controlled with Apple’s voice assistant, Siri. With your voice or any Siri-enabled gadget, you can carry out hands-free commands and allow your smart home devices communicate with each other.

Which is the best Apple HomeKit compatible lock?

Probably the best-looking HomeKit compatible smart door lock on the market, the Premis gives you multiple ways to access your home – key, touchscreen keypad, app or HomeKit geofencing. It also integrates with Apple’s Home app to add it to scenes and automations, plus you can control it with your voice and even your Apple Watch.

How does HomeKit work on a door lock?

HomeKit-enabled locks give you the power to unlock your doors with a tap or via Siri with your voice on-demand. Plus, they work with other HomeKit accessories through automation and scenes created in the Home app.

How does Apple HomeKit work on a Mac?

After you perform the initial setup process, Apple’s HomeKit framework securely connects the accessory to your iOS devices, Mac, and HomePod letting you access its live view in the Home app, through HomeKit-enabled apps, and via Siri.

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