what is homepod mini lights

What do you need to know about the HomePod mini?

No smart lights, security cameras, nothing. On top of that, I only bought one single HomePod mini. That means no stereo sound and no intercom use (duh). However, over the past couple of months, I have come to love this little speaker.

Is the Apple Home app compatible with HomePod mini?

The Apple Home app is designed to help you connect and automate smart home devices that are compatible with Apple’s HomeKit standard. For instance, you can connect a smart light bulb from Nanoleaf and integrate it into your Home app, then use Siri voice commands on the HomePod mini to control it.

How tall is the Apple HomePod mini speaker?

HomePod mini is 3.3 inches tall. What are the details on the speaker of HomePod mini? Like the original HomePod, HomePod mini focuses on 360-degree sound, powered by Apple’s computational audio work. This means that HomePod mini sonically analyzes its environment to produces the best sound for the room it’s in.

Is there a button to turn off the HomePod mini?

Unlike other smart speakers, there’s no physical button to turn off the mini’s microphones. While Apple has stringent privacy policies — all Siri requests use a random identifier, for example — I’d like the reassurance of an actual switch, as can be found on the Amazon Echo and Google Nest Audio.

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