what is iridium home automation

What kind of control system does iridium use?

iRidium allows to control everything from one interface. You simply select a required protocol, set commands (control channels) and assign them to graphic items. iRidium supports the following protocols: AMX, KNX, HDL, Crestron, Modbus, BACnet, Helvar, Beckhoff, Clipsal, Elko EP, Lutron, MQTT, Domintell, Duotecno, Global Caché, Larnitech, Z-wave.

How does i3 pro work with iridium studio?

It works on all popular devices and panels. It launches an interface created in iRidium studio. It allows to control several objects (for example, a house, an apartment and an office) from one project. It is also possible to switch between several projects in one app. i3 pro can work with a server as well as without it.

What do you need to know about Iridium studio?

iRidium studio allows to create a good-looking interface to realize your customers’ wishes. Create an interface with the help of Gallery, using ready buttons, sliders, lists and other items. Use ready interface designs that can suit any taste. You can see ready interface designs here . iRidium allows to control everything from one interface.

What kind of UMC does iridium server use?

iRidium server works 24/7 and provides remote control of an automation object. A server and a panel interact via our own protected protocol. iRidium server UMC has a module structure. It can include KNX, RS 485 (Modbus, HDL), 1Wire, Z-wave.

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