what is led lights near me

Do you need training to do LED light therapy?

Some states, however, still require advanced training to perform LED light treatments. Virginia, for example, approves LED light therapy only for master estheticians.

Who are the experts in LED lighting supply?

From lighting plans to purchase to after sales support, you can trust the lighting experts at LED Lighting Supply. LED Lighting Supply is your source for commercial lighting and industrial lighting. Our team is made up of lighting specialists to help you get the job done right.

Which is the first lighting application to use led?

As advancements in lighting technologies continue to transform, downlighting is no exception. In fact, downlighting was one of the first lighting applications to commercially embrace LED, with its long lifetimes, robust efficiency, sustainability and low energy cost.

Where to find wholesale pricing for LED lighting?

If you are searching for wholesale lighting, contractor pricing, distributor pricing or continually are fighting to find reasonably priced and high quality lighting products, you have come to the right place.


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