what is nanoleaf shapes mini triangles

Can you use Nanoleaf shapes for mini triangles?

Important note: The previous-generation Nanoleaf Triangles are not compatible with the Shapes Triangles, Mini Triangles, and Hexagons. Nanoleaf Shapes use rounded edges for the light panels. I think this provides the best aesthetic but keep in mind that it means the light doesn’t completely fill in the entire area of each panel.

Are there any new shapes for Nanoleaf Light Panels?

The Hexagon light panels, launched this summer, were the first new light panels in the lineup, and now Nanoleaf has launched the Triangles and Mini Triangles, two new shape options that connect to one another and to the Hexagons.

How much does a Nanoleaf shape kit cost?

Nanoleaf Shapes Mini Triangles start from $119.99 for the 5-count starter kit, with Triangles and Hexagons starting from $199.99 for the 7-count starter kits. FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links.

When did the Nanoleaf shapes triangles come out?

The Shapes Triangles are an iteration of the original triangles (once called the Aurora) that came out in 2017, with the new Triangles featuring a design that has more rounding at the inside edges, presumably to make them fit better with the Hexagons and Mini Triangles.

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