what is philips smart plug

What does the Philips Hue smart plug do?

The Philips Hue Smart plug was designed to blend into any environment. Small, white, and with a subtle design, the Smart plug allows you to add any light to your Hue system without any added wires or hassle.

What can you plug into a smart plug?

A smart plug can turn an appliance that isn’t smart (in other words, smartphone or smart assistant enabled) into one that is, instantly. Let’s say you’ve plugged a basic lamp or plain old coffee maker into the smart plug.

What kind of AC adapter does Philips smart bridge use?

Comes with its own Philips’ branded, bright-white AC adapter, 5 volt size. Fun fact: 9 volt AC adapters fit the same size hole as 5 volt.

What are the plans for Philips in Singapore?

Singapore government has started plans to launch the smart nation. This includes building an extensive infrastructure and features for integrated Smart Homes. Philips will aim to be part of the key green solution distributors for Smart Homes in Singapore.

Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring, Smart Wifi Plug...

  • APP Remote Control: Wherever you are. download an app to remotely control the smart plug turn on/off. PS: The smart plug ONLY support 2.4G WiF

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