what is raspberry home assistant

What can I do with Raspberry Pi home assistant?

Home Assistant is an automation platform that enables you to connect smart devices together to create automation to control your smart home. Home Assistant is free to use and you can install it yourself on a raspberry pi check price on Amazon US, on a virtual machine (VM) or buy it pre-installed with home assistant blue (around $130).

How to build a home automation system with Raspberry Pi?

If you want to learn how to build a complete Home Automation System using Arduino, ESP8266 and the Raspberry Pi, consider taking a look at our course: Build a Home Automation System for $100. Here is a list with +30 free home automation projects and tutorials: Build a Home Automation System with Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, Arduino and Node-RED

Can a Raspberry Pi be used as a Home Hub?

With its small footprint and low power draw, the Raspberry Pi functions extremely well as a do-it-yourself (DIY) smart home hub. For Raspberry Pi smart home hub options, there are tons of different choices such as Home Assistant, or Hass.io. OpenHAB is an excellent pick as well. Get started with an OpenHAB Raspberry Pi smart home hub!

Is there a Raspberry Pi 3 bootcamp course?

Everything is taught from scratch! This course is an introduction to the Raspberry Pi platform. It uses the latest Raspberry Pi 3. It is catered for all levels and those interested in learning about the Raspberry Pi and its capabilities. After completing this course:

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