what is raspberry pi z wave

How to add Raspberry Pi to Z Wave network?

Upon restart, navigate back to the Gear icon and you should see a new entry in the Config portal for Z-Wave. If you do not see the “Z-Wave” section, scroll down to the troubleshooting step at the end of this article. Once you see that your Z-Wave network has started, adding a device is a piece of cake. First click the Add Node button.

What kind of software does razberry Z Wave use?

The bundle of hardware and precompiled Z-Wave wireless network management software waits to be completed by your own user interface running in a web browser or a mobile phone. The Z-Wave software offers an easy to understand and easy to use interface applying the well-known JavaScript interface technology JSON on a built in web server.

What is the user interface for Z Wave?

The Z-Wave Expert User Interface is designed for installers, technically savvy people and other users that know how to build and maintain a Z-Wave based wireless network. Z-Way Home Automation UI is for all the virtual devices, aside from Z-Wave devices, it also supports other third party devices.

Where can I find the Z Wave class?

All Z-Wave functionality is accessed via the Manager class. It is a singleton class that exposes all the functionality required to add Z-Wave support to an application.

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