what is samsung smartthings home assistant

How does Samsung home assistant work with SmartThings?

Samsung SmartThings is integrated into Home Assistant through the SmartThings Cloud API. The SmartThings integration is the main integration to integrate all SmartThings related platforms. The basic features of this integration include: Controlling SmartThings devices with pushed state updates from SmartThings.

What can I use my Samsung SmartThings for?

Smart Home Devices You Can Control with SmartThings. SmartThings can connect to a wide range of products, including Ring video doorbells; Ecobee thermostats; Philips Hue and Sengled smart lights; Lutron Caseta switches and plugs; Yale, Schlage and Kwikset smart locks; and Netgear Arlo cameras.

Which is the best Samsung home automation hub?

The Samsung SmartThings hub is still the best at integrating all your smart home devices. Samsung SmartThings White |… SAMSUNG SmartThings Smart… In my home, I have smart plugs, smart lights, smart speakers, smart thermostats, smart locks, smart doorbells and more.

Which is the best SmartThings Hub for home use?

Samsung’s SmartThings hub has long been the best option for integrating all such devices so that, for example, the lights turn on when I open my front door.

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