what is smart home hub z wave

Do You need A Z Wave hub for your home?

If you’re looking to get into Z-Wave devices for your smart home you’ll need a certified Z-wave hub (officially called a Z-Wave Controller). This device is required to form the heart of your Z-Wave network and allow for connection to your normal home network so your smart phone or computer can talk to your devices.

How does the Z-Wave smart home protocol work?

The protocol uses a controller hub that allows a Z-Wave smart home network to be easily configured and managed. The hub can be built into devices or it can be a standalone device, but either way it needs to connect to a Wi-Fi router to provide access to Wi-Fi devices like smartphones.

Is the Google Home compatible with Z Wave?

Google Home via the Google Assistant provide similar capabilities with certain supported Z-Wave hubs. The important thing to remember is that once you settle on a Z-Wave smart home network, you’ll want to make sure that each smart home device that you buy supports the Z-Wave protocol.

Which is better Zigbee or Z-Wave for smart home?

And Z-Wave has a couple of definite advantages over Zigbee. As we mentioned above, Z-Wave’s open-source availability allows software developers to integrate Z-Wave into devices with fewer restrictions than Zigbee and other smart home communication protocols.

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