what is the best motherboard for amd fx 8350

Is the AMD FX 8350 a good CPU?

Decided to keep the original motherboard, and this is one of the best cpu’s that will work on the motherboard. Very fast, and stays nice and cool with my liquid cooler. Didn’t use the cooler that came with the cpu. The ASROCK X-Boost is enabled, which mildly overclocks to 118% (4.3GHz) with no problems.

Is the AMD fx8100 CPU compatible with the motherboard?

The FX8100 CPU is a 95 Watt CPU while the FX8350 is a 125 watt CPU which is why it isn’t listed. It is not compatible with your 95 Watt maximum limit motherboard. Gigabyte will need to update the BIOS to make your FX8350 compatible with your motherboard.

What kind of motherboard does the AMD FX 8320e use?

The most common and talked about by far is the 990FX+SB950 combination offering two PCIe 2.0 x16 slots for both CrossFire and SLI, and if you want to splash the cash there are a couple of PLX8747 enabled motherboards that use inter-GPU PCIe 3.0 communication and afford more than two-way setups.

How much does an AMD FX 8 core processor cost?

If you have a older socket AM3+ and it will support this chip then dive in at $76.13. It will keep up with the new 8 core processors for a reasonable price. The included wraith cooler is good for modest overclocking and is very quiet.


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