what is tuya mqtt home assistant

Do you need MQTT server for home assistant?

For a smart home system, Home Assistant is not the only tool that we want to use. We also need an external MQTT broker to receive and send MQTT messages because the embedded MQTT broker of Home Assistant is deprecated. In this tutorial we use Eclipse Mosquitto as lightweight open source MQTT server.

What can I do with Tuya MQTT for home automation?

Friendly topics make it easy to communicate with the device in a standard way and thus integrating into various Home Automation platforms.

What does topic style mean in Tuya MQTT?

The topic style generally follows that used by the Home Assistant MQTT integration components and the pre-defined devices automatically send Home Assistant style MQTT discovery messages during startup to make integration with Home Assistant, or other platforms which understand Home Assistant MQTT discovery, even easier.

How to integrate Tuya devices with home assistant?

In other words if you see on a product that is Tuya compatible, that means you can control that product with your phone via TuyaSmart application. This application can be found for free in your smart phone store. Why to integrate Tuya devices with Home Assistant?

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