what is zigbee bulbs

How does a Zigbee Smart light bulb work?

While hooking a door switch to the lights’ power supply could provide a quick solution, [Tomasz]’s wife wanted to keep the functionality of the remote control, so he had to look elsewhere. These light bulbs use the simple Zigbee protocol, so arranging for other devices was rather trivial.

Is the Philips Hue bulbs compatible with Zigbee?

The quality of light these new Hue bulbs produce is every bit as good as the bulbs that came before, and they have one new feature the others didn’t: support for Bluetooth in addition to the more robust mesh network protocol Zigbee.

Which is an example of the use of Zigbee?

A typical example is when you have a Zigbee-enabled light bulb and a Zigbee-enabled light switch and you want the light switch to control the light bulb. With Zigbee, the two devices – even if they’re from different manufacturers – speak a common language, so there’s no barrier to communication.

Is the Zigbee 2700K LED bulb dimmable?

This wirelessly controllable ZigBee smart bulb illuminates your room with a homely, warm light (2700k); it will set the mood instantly. Comfortably create a pleasant atmosphere in your home by adjusting the light intensity of the ZLED-2709 LED bulb. It is easily dimmable from 10% to 100% in the app or use…

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